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  • Thu, June 24th
    06:30 pm

    Mission Church Tucson

    Hey there movie fans!
    This month, Mission Church will be hosting a classic among classics, the incredible 1994 film, “Shawshank Redemption.”
    Despite the grimness of the film’s plot (a banker receives a life sentence in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, the murder of his wife and her lover), it is an extraordinarily powerful and moving cinematic depiction of the concept of hope.
    It’s truly one of those movies that you can appreciate, whether it’s your first viewing or your tenth. And on top of that, it’s also frequently featured in lists of the best movies of all time.
    So yeah, Shawshank is pretty cool.
    We hope you can join us!
    Note: Film is rated R for language and prison violence. Probably not one for the kiddos.
  • Sun, July 4th
    04:30 pm

    Community Church of Warren 201 Arizona St. Bisbee, AZ

    Hey Mission friends!

    It’s been a long-standing tradition for a few years now among some of the Mission team to commemorate the 4th of July with a trip south to the cool little town of Bisbee. This year, we’re inviting the whole church to join us for a full Sunday worship service out there!

    Sunday morning, we’ll meet up at 9:30am for a traditional game of baseball (all essential equipment provided, just bring your own chewing gum and ball caps!). Following this, there will be a parade in town at 2:00pm.

    Church service will take place at 4:30pm (typical Mission time) at Community Church of Warren. We’ll do a full service (including teaching, music, the Lord’s Supper, all that jazz) and then have a BBQ (we’ll provide the food) at the park across the street while we watch some fireworks!

    For those not planning/able to attend: worry not! Service will still be provided in Tucson at the normal time and place.

    Please keep in mind that individuals are responsible for their own accommodations in getting down to B-town. So all travel and overnight stay (should you choose to come up the day before and spend the night) will need to be arranged by those planning to attend.

    We hope you can make it! We’re excited to spend a few hours out of town and baseball-ing/BBQ-ing/parade-ing/worshipping with you all!

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