Shine Your Light

March 25, 2020
by Michelle Bishop

“These are times that try men’s souls.” That phrase can be applied to every generation that has ever lived on this earth, from the beginning of time to the present. Perhaps it seems even more appropriate right now, as our generation is living through a world-wide pandemic. The panic, fear, greed, isolation and selfishness that has consumed us as a society is only revealing the crumbling foundations upon which we have long placed our securities, hopes, and dreams in. And in an instant, almost over-night, we were stripped of all of that.

These are indeed times that try men’s souls. And yet, what are we, as Christians supposed to do during this time of judgement? We are witnessing the world being purged by fire so to speak, as nation after nation succumbs to an invisible enemy. What is our purpose, then, as followers of Christ and proclaimers of truth? Do we humbly submit to the judgment, bowing our heads and silencing our voices? Or do we stand on the rooftops, shouting the truth and proclaiming that Jesus is Lord to anyone who will listen? The answer, in my opinion, is rather simple: shine your light.

Shine your light. This is a dark time, and people are looking for answers. They are looking for comfort and they are looking for hope. As Christians, we have the light and hope of Jesus Christ abiding in us. While our earthly bodies will pass away and become one with the earth again, our souls are eternal. Our souls are what will proceed us after we die. Our souls are what cause us to seek some higher power, some deeper truth. And as followers of Jesus, we have that hope within us! We are called to spread the truth of Jesus Christ and His work on the cross so mankind can be reconciled with their Creator.

So, practically speaking, what does shining your light look like?

Since the beginning of this whole coronavirus situation, the verse that God has put in my mind is Psalm 37:3, which says “Trust in the LORD and do good”. Yes, the world is going crazy. Yes, the future is uncertain. Yes, things are changing and things will be drastically different after this is all over. But if you are trusting in God to provide for you and protect you, you have nothing to fear. And when you have nothing to fear, you walk in freedom. When you walk in freedom, you have the ability to do good to those around you. Is there a word God has put on your heart to speak over someone? Speak it. Is there a task He has given you to do? Do it. Is there a person God has put on your heart to bless? Bless them. Don’t hesitate. We are full of hope and operating in joy. We have nothing to fear. Shine your light. Trust in the Lord and do good.

A Poem By Michelle:

Crumbling foundations of an empire built on nothing
Revealed now thru panic and fear.
We so clearly see what we once refused to see
Laid bare before our eyes
We cannot turn away.

“Call the Jester!” The people cry
As despair takes hold of them
But the once-laughing Jester
Now weeps with a crown of thorns.

We look in vain for a balm, a salve,
Something-anything-to erase what cannot be erased
And now we see what truly is–
We can no longer hide from ourselves.

The lies we whispered in the dark
Now echo like a tolling bell
Reminding us of who we are:
Nothing but an empty shell.

Mothers weep as terrors engulf the beloved sons they bore
Fathers sink into despair as their daughters are no more.
It seems as if the sun has set,
Darkness creeps o’er the land.
But wait! Look up there–a tiny pinprick of light.
“So what,” some may scoff, as they to the darkness succumb.
“Where there is light, there is hope,” the quiet battle song is sung.

That tiny ray of distant light,
Tho’ small against the dark,
Rises like an anthem,
In every brave man’s heart.

The times are dark, our lies exposed,
The judgement happens now.
But fear not, be not dismayed,
For inside of you, hope abides.

Speak your words, make them known,
Let your light so shine.
For it may be, in this dark time,
You were meant to be.


  1. I enjoy the light

    Noreen Snow | April 19th, 2020 - 15:06:58 | > Reply
    1. Thank you Noreen:-)

      Andy Littleton | April 19th, 2020 - 21:37:39 | > Reply

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